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SP12E200 Field Sprayer

The SP12E200 pickup sprayer is an excellent choice for the farmer or rancher that wants a simple and dependable sprayer that will mount in any 1/2 or 3/4 ton standard or flatbed pickup. This sprayer is lightweight and has quick and easy attaching legs, supporting the sprayer when not in use.


Check out SP12E200 Sprayer on youtube.

The SP12E200 sprayer is equipped with a 200 gallon tank and covers a 30 foot swath. Boom extensions are available for a 36 ft. swath.  The SP12E200 is quiet because of the twin 12 volt electric pumps. It is a simple and easy to use sprayer and an excellent choice for field spraying, spot spraying, spraying around the farmyard, gardens, driveways, road ditches and waterways. The booms are designed to swing back and upwards when in contact with an obstruction.  This can be used to ones advantage in spraying pasture for the booms will climb the smaller trees up to eight ft. tall that are targeted to be sprayed.  When clearing these objects the booms will swing back to their normal position. The booms are also "height" adjustable.  This sprayer has an agitation system and is calibrated by speed and nozzle tip size.  When it's time to spray, simply slide the sprayer onto bed of truck, secure, hook up to battery, place controller in accessible place in cab, load and go to work.  In the off season, electric motors have quick connects and can be easily removed for winter storage.  This sprayer is very simple to maintain and cost effective.

The nozzles are behind the boom and are well protected.  In the event the boom hits an object, it will swing back, simultaneously rising till it clears that object.  At that point, the boom returns to it's original position. There is a gas filled cylinder that is used in the design of this boom that controls the boom from continual swinging after clearing an object.





The SP12E-200 gal sprayer plumbed and ready to use lists at $3850.00

The SP12E-300 gal sprayer plumbed and ready to use lists at $4350.00

  (Prices are subject to change without notice)
















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