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The "Swingarm Mailbox Post Assembly™" is a once in a lifetime purchase for the Home Owner, Landlord or new residential construction. The steel post assembly is designed to take abuse and is a safe and friendly solution to the everlasting problem of damaged or downed mailboxes. Importantly, the arm of this post is designed to swing out of the way when struck and to return to its proper position. Equally important, the complete post assembly will ultimate surrender when overcome by a vehicle. Setting the post back up is simple and easy. The "Swingarm Mailbox Post Assembly™" meets all postal requirement and is a good sound investment for any proud Homeowner!

It's a new swing to an old idea!

Exclusive Swingarm Assembly is designed not to break when hit by vandals or by accident.  The mailbox arm will swing out of the way and then return to its proper position.



Plus - Exclusive

Breakaway Plates!!

The Swingarm Mailbox Post Assembly's design allows installation bolts to break without damage to the plate or post assembly.  So, if an accident occurs, you put the mailbox assembly back with a screwdriver and pliers--not a shovel and concrete.



























Because of the breakaway plate, the post wasn't damaged!
And resetting your mailbox is as simple as .....


ONE: Pick up the downed mailbox.                        TWO: Replace the bolts.                       


THREE:  You're done!!           Ready to swing out of the way or shear replacement bolts

Dealer Contact: Swinging Mailbox LLC 


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